Voting for Maggie 

   My disappointment in the federal government runs deep.   In a long life that began before the Roaring Twenties ran out of steam I have watched both major political parties destroy the once proud dollar and smother citizens with trillions of dollars of national debt, all the while tricking us into thinking that it doesn't matter because "we only owe it to ourselves."  

   Now the nation is in deep economic trouble and neither of the main candidates for U.S. president has a clue how to fix it. Or, if they do, they have kept it to themselves.  Perhaps the reasonable thing to do is examine the platforms of the Democrat and Republican parties and decide which will do the least damage

    In the next few weeks news media must hold Senator Obama and Senator McCain's feet to the fire on economic issues, although neither of them appears to be conversant with the fundamentals of money and credit, nor the course the nation must take to begin to dig its way out of its mess.  Moreover, mainstream media are so fascinated with superficial gossip they haven't time to focus on economic fundamentals.  Only today I learned the once reliable Associated Press had spent much time and money chasing down data on Alaksa Governor Sarah Palin's college attendance.  AP is genuinely miffed that the law does not permit colleges to release her grades!  

   In July I said I planned not to vote for president on the grounds that while  it is considered voting for the "lesser of evils" it is still voting for evil.  I have not voted for a Republican or Democrat for U.S. president since I cast a vote for Barry Goldwater more than forty years ago.  I vote for  Libertarian candidates as a means of signaling my displeasure at what the main parties are doing to the country, despite the fact my friends tell me I'm wasting my vote.  They feel compelled to vote for the lesser of evils and put up with the consequences.   

   Sarah Palin may have changed my mind.  

   For some reason Governor Palin reminds me of a feisty Margaret Thatcher, who, as a young woman, caught the attention of British conservatives.  I remember the old film clips of her battling  the typically rude carryings-on in the British parliament.  (What a raucous mob Britain's Parliament is!)  She held her ground, made headway over time, and earned a reputation as the "Iron Lady."  Old John Bull benefited from her free market ideas.  

   Liberals do not like Governor Palin and they are working feverishly to destroy her.  It's true she is untested on "Meet The Press."  She hasn't been given the third degree by the press corps.  The PETA organization hates her.  Feminists think she's atrocious....a hick from the wilds of Alaska.  But to me, at this moment, she is a breath of fresh air in the political smog that hangs over this nation.  More important, she doesn't strike me as the typical stodgy Republican politico promising to expand federal government until it dominates even more of our lives....and pocketbooks.  

   So, I'm giving serious thought to voting for Sarah Palin in order to get her into the Washington scene where, with luck, she can go on to offices of influence far more weighty than that of U.S. Vice President. 

    In order to get Governor Palin I'll have to vote for John McCain.  As sluggish as the economy promises to be, we will be better off with a tough old bird like McCain.  He might, with some prodding,  show a burst of statesmanship and make the chattering masses get used to the word "no."  Senator Obama does not exhibit any of this toughness the country needs.  

   Last month the Mrs. and I celebrated 60 years of marriage.  In August, of 1948, I was earning $75.00 a week.  That was good money in those days and we settled down and started a family.  My lady was a stay-at-home mom.  

   What has happened to the American dollar since then is appalling.  The purchasing power of that dollar of 1948 has now dropped to 11¢ and there is nothing to prevent it from declining to zero.  My question is, which political party will hasten the total destruction of the dollar?  My hope is that a reformed Republican party might apply the brakes.  The Democrat ideology will hasten monetary disaster.  

   Several of my friends will write in the name of Rep. Ron Paul for president on November 4th.  I was seriously considering that.  He understands the monetary disaster and knows how it can be fixed.  But the mass of voters cannot grasp his message because the public schools have done such an effective job of ignoring even the basic definition of "dollar."  Ask an educator to define the word one day.  He or she may say it is the monetary unit of the United States, but will rarely be able to explain what that unit is.  

   George Bush never once told Americans to stop spending money they don't have on things they don't need.  I can envision a crusty old Navy guy like John McCain saying it.  I can hear him declare we are doomed if we don't let the air out of the overblown central government.  I cannot imagine for one second that Barack Obama would push for that.  I can also envision Sarah Palin using her bully pulpit and her apparent tenacity to upset at least some of the entrenched ol' boy methods of doing business at the nation's capital.  

  I can even imagine Sarah running for president against Hillary in the big campaign of 2016!  If not 2012.  America can use a Maggie Thatcher.      

September 5th, 2008

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