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Nesta's Complaint

      Nesta Webster died forty-six years ago but her dire warnings about secret societies and world revolution, written chiefly in the 1920s, are still quite widely read.  Mrs. Webster's World Revolutions: The Plot Against Civilization, still resides on my bookshelf after landing there many years ago when I was trying to pin down long-running rumors of evil political conspiracies. (Aren't all political conspiracies evil?)   I thumb through it now and then to see how her surmises are holding up some eighty-six years after publication.  She did a masterful job of seeking evidence that appeared to bolster her tale of ages-old secret societies but conveniently ignored facts that did not support her theories. 

     Webster also wrote The Need for Fascism in Great Britain, The Origin and Progress of the World Revolution, and in 1938 argued that Hitler had successfully halted the Jewish attempt to control the world.  (Germany and England.)  Her support of Hitler evaporated in the events that occurred not long after publication of her book.

     I was reminded of Nesta Webster a few days ago when I encountered an Internet opinion piece that asked the kinds of general questions she raised.  Here are the broad questions followed by my take on them.

     Are secret societies controlling the world's destiny?  Many people thrive on the idea that the world is actually controlled by a cabal of bankers and other greedy interests who are anxious to impoverish us all for their own gain.  Adam Weishaupt, Cecil Rhodes, and an army of other long-dead individuals are resurrected and alleged to have had connections to secret societies with hidden agendas that are evil,   based on greed and a lust for power.  How all of this got by major historians for so many years is a mystery, but a great many people are certain a powerful secret elite is running everything, including the USA.

    Why are powerful groups like the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bildebergers and others seldom ever mentioned?  What the questioner is actually asking is, "Why don't news media probe these shadowy groups and expose their dastardly deeds?"  The fact is a "Google search" for the Council on Foreign Relations yields about 71,000,000 hits.  By the time a reader checks out only a few dozen he or she will conclude the operation is hardly a "dark secret."

    The Trilateral Commission will yield about 1,270,000 hits on the Internet via Google.  While the Council on Foreign Relations has been around a while (1919) the Trilateral organization is a relative newcomer founded in 1973 by the likes of David Rockefeller, now 91 and hardly the warhorse he was thirty years ago.  One of its tenets was that a member had to quit if he went into political office.  That seems like a dumb approach for an outfit that is said to want to control political events.  

    The Bilderbergers are lower profile, yielding only 147,000 hits on Google.  Critics pull no punches in their assumptions about the character of people who attend Bilderberger conferences: 

"Shrewd and calculating, their hearts are filled with lust for power and consumed by greed for money. Rich and aristocratic, they despise Christians and they loathe the lowly working class. They control the world's press and virtually all our banks and financial institutions. They screen and choose who America's leaders will be and even determine who will run on the Democratic and Republican Party tickets. It was shortly after attending the 1991 Bilderberger meeting, Governor Bill Clinton was selected to be the next President of the United States. Bill Clinton and White House advisor Vernon Jordan's relationship goes back to it's Bilderberger connections."  (New World Order)

   Notice the logic;  Bill Clinton goes to a Bilderberger conference and the Democratic Party chooses him as a presidential candidate.  Voila! He must have been  handpicked by the shrewd and calculating Bilderbergers!

    Is there a grand conspiracy at work to move the world toward global government and a universal religion? No secret here. Since the United Nations was created the idea of global government has prevailed at one level or another. (The idea started even earlier, with the League of Nations.)  That's hardly a conspiracy.  It's happening under the complacent gaze of the entire world.  Supporters are beguiled by the fuzzy feeling that if the U.N. had true power it could force the world to live in peace, which is a foolish idea.  As long as the poor envy the rich and a variety of religions and political theories are in conflict the dove of peace may as well fold her wings and settle in an olive tree for a very long rest.  

   As for a "universal religion," Muslims are pledged to promote their concept of the hereafter until it envelops the globe, while Christian missionaries have long been in business all over the world bringing their version of the eternal mystery to the unsaved.  Jews, whose system of faith pre-dates Muslims and Christians, have their hands full keeping Judaism on course.  It must be presumed the Almighty enjoys the conflict among the major religions as He has let it run on for ages. 

   And what about the U.S. Federal Reserve?  Isn't that another conspiracy?  Not really.  It was a stupid mistake by the United States Congress done in full view in 1913.  It began as a secret meeting of bankers on Jekyll Island, Georgia, in 1910.  (An unpublicized but not illegal meeting.)  The resulting plan was sold as a method of preventing economic booms and busts, empowering the Fed to inflate the economy in downturns and remove liquidity from the system in booms.  U.S. money at the time was gold and silver.  Only a few sharp minds realized what was ahead - the eventual debauching of the currency and the establishment of a system of credit "money" that would eventually ruin the nation.  

   What conspiracism has overlooked is that the damage is already done!  The takeover by a powerful controlling elite took place right under our noses, and it was not done secretly by shadowy figures operating from their hiding place in Europe.  It was done by the intellectuals working in plain sight in universities.  That's where the socialist impulse was nurtured and it was from academia that the talent emerged that took up jobs in building the most powerful central government the world had ever seen.  They had the ear of Woodrow Wilson.  Their ideas began to blossom in the 1920s and came to full flower with the election of 1932.  They didn't dismantle the central government, they adorned it with a vast variety of programs that changed the United States from a republic to a quasi-socialist democracy.  The people gave up their gold to help pay for it.  They abandoned the age-old Constitutional idea that the federal government was in business to protect the background of their lives and bought the new concept of the government providing for citizens from cradle to grave.  Where once the people controlled the government we phased into the new deal where the government controlled the people.  

    Isn't this what Nesta Webster and the other conspiracists warned us about?  The takeover of our lives by a powerful elite force that  reduces us to numbered peons grubbing to keep our noses above water and struggling in a sea of insurmountable debt?  They're looking in the wrong direction for the mischief.  It has already happened.  The socialists from early 20th century academia won.  The people - thinking they were getting a splendid new deal - lost.  They are so confused now they don't know the difference between wealth and debt.  

    Can anything be changed?  Not likely, unless someone comes forward with a workable plan to change the mindset of nearly 300 million people who have come to believe that debt is wealth and big government is good.  Unfortunately, the odds of that happening are dismal.     (To be continued. . . . ) 

  July 7th, 2006

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