Who killed Diana Spencer?

          (Written September 1, 1997)

    According to news reports today the world is trying to cope with the death of Diana Spencer.  One commentator has said her untimely death reminds one of the loss of John F. Kennedy, except the blame is placed on a gang of eager photographers and not a whacko with a rifle.

    It's a shame Diana has been cut down in her youth, and one's heart bleeds for her sons, William and Harry, who are said to have adored their mother.  Tabloid publishers may be mourning, too, because they will have to seek another celebrity after they have milked everything from the tragic demise of this shy woman who was not only photogenic but knew how to comport herself at public events. 

     Are the photographers to blame for her death?  The culprit is not "paparazzi" nor the people to whom they peddle their pictures.  The culprits are the people around the world who pour millions of dollars into the hands of publishers so they can spice up their shallow lives with tidbits of scandal and gossip about celebrities.  It is already reported that the asking price for pictures of the accident scene in a Paris tunnel is a million dollars.  One day it may be published so tabloid readers can ogle a bloodied princess, or at least, the vehicle in which she died.

     Blame the public for Diana's death.  Blame the people who live such shallow lives they must wallow in the lives of the rich and famous.  Had not the public demand for gossip about the princess been so great she might be going along with her life today. After all, the world has plenty of princesses  and they are not all bening chased by paparazzi.

      Photographers will be blamed for Diana's death and there will be a strong demand to enact laws to control them in their hunt for celebrities.  No one will put the blame where it belongs. . . on the insatiable crude taste of the public.  ~P.G.

       Note: (From Wikipedia)
The initial French judicial investigation concluded that the accident was caused by driver Henri Paul's  drunken loss of control of the vehicle, attempting to escape the paparazzi who were in pursuit.. In February 1998, Mohamed Al-Fayed, owner of the Paris Ritz where Paul had worked, publicly maintained that the crash had been planned. An inquest in London starting in 2004 and continued in 200708 attributed the accident to grossly negligent driving by Paul. On 7 April 2008, the jury returned a verdict of "unlawful killing".

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